Professional & inspirational

The students LOVED it, as did the teachers. It was amazing- you are just a seamless professional and inspirational environmentalist to us all.
Andrew Groves, Geelong Grammar

Fantastic with the kids

The combination of your beautiful animals with such a wonderful presenter that Abby was just made it brilliant. She really engaged them with target information on adaptations.
David, St Thomasmore School

Huge success with the children

We had been learning about how like humans, some mini beasts live in complex communities. The incursion was a huge success with the children being fully engaged. They all learned a lot and were fascinated to hear all about the different roles drones, workers and queen bees play in their colonies. All 7 teachers who attended the incursion had very positive things to say about the experience. Michael was able to speak at the students level and is an excellent communicator. I would recommend this program very highly.
Susan Keil, Mornington Primary School
Radical Reptiles Party