The Wildlife Works Incursion

This extremely popular animal incursion is an all-rounder show if you want to discover a variety of unique animal groups found all over the country. Explore Australia’s fauna with our interactive wildlife incursions that get your students face to face with snakes, wallabies, dingoes, owls, and crocodiles in our 1-hour Wildlife Works Incursion, all from the comfort of your school or kindergarten! Our wildlife incursions can be presented as an introduction to Australian animals or we can align our program with your curriculum to achieve your learning outcome.

What animals will we meet in our incursion?

Our zoo is home to many big personalities, and you may be lucky enough to meet a few of them,  like Winnie, our beautiful southern koala that will poo up to 200 times a day! Rex, the shingleback lizard, that tricks his predators with his fake head and Marlie, the pure alpine dingo that will suck up to you more than a teenager that wants money!

We provide this incursion for Kindergartens, Primary Schools & Secondary Schools, To find out more about this awesome incursion click the ‘Need a hand’ tab on the right side of the screen… just watch out for the cheeky koala!

wildlife works Best Bits

  • Duration: 1 hour – an echidna will eat 1600 ants in this time
  • Age Interest: Preschool – VCE
  • Space requirements: 5 x 5 metres
  • Maximum Number: 30 students per show
Show Prices

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Package Price

$630 plus GST
$850 plus GST
$1100 plus GST
$1400 plus GST
$1600 plus GST

**Prices correct as of 1st Jan 2022. Maximum 30 students per show, each additional student over 30 will be charged at $50 + GST. Prices for multiple shows only apply to shows performed on the same day. Animals are subject to availability. Please see terms and conditions for animals incursions and wildlife incursions Melbourne here Privacy Policy

Meet a koala with our koala encounters in Melbourne. Koala wildlife party Melbourne

key learning highlights

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Get up close & personal

The zoo without glass or fences, get closer than ever before!

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In-depth presentation

Crafted to ensure you get an in-depth show, no rushing

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Learn About Life cycles

Marsupials, reptiles and placental mammals, we have you covered

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Survival & Adaptations

Suited to grade 5 and 6, we make learning about survival and adaptations exciting

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Living things and basic needs

Basic needs are not Netflix and wine... What do living things need to survive?

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Free Trees!

Would you like trees with that? Help us re-wild Australia!

Professional & inspirational

The students LOVED it, as did the teachers. It was amazing- you are just a seamless professional and inspirational environmentalist to us all.
Andrew Groves, Geelong Grammar

Fantastic with the kids

The combination of your beautiful animals with such a wonderful presenter that Abby was just made it brilliant. She really engaged them with target information on adaptations.
David, St Thomasmore School

A really great program

Excellent interactive learning program for Kindergarten Children. Michael does an amazing job of making it fun and educational to my young group of children.
Devna, Kindergarten Centre
Wildlife Incursions for schools and kindergartens in Melbourne