Bee education in Melbourne

Busy Bees – Beekeeper Incursion With Real Live Bees Melbourne

An in depth show about all things bees! Learn about the importance of bees, why we need them and take a look inside a real working observation hive.

Busy Bees – Amazing Bee Incursions – Beekeeping Incursion

Beekeeping Incursion Melbourne.

Bees are a truly fascinating insect, Australia alone is home to 1500 species, but the one we all know of is the European honey bee (Apis mellifera). We all know bees for their famous liquid gold, but there is a lot you may not know about them, for example, one in every three spoonfuls of food consumed would not be without the pollination of bees, not all bees live in colony’s or hive and there are even bees that do not sting and bees are facing a worldwide crisis due to the evolution of modern day living.

The Show

In our age-appropriate Busy Bees incursion, find out why bees play such an important role within our ecosystem, through interactive learning.

Our show starts off with an introduction to bees and then we open up our triple window observation have and explore the following topics;

  • History.
  • Identification of different bees within the colony.
  • Life cycle and lifespan.
  • Equipment used for beekeeping.
  • Pollination.
  • Honey Production.
  • Bi-products of bees.
  • Conservation of bee colony’s.

Quick Bee Fact

As you may now know, one in every three spoonfuls of food we consume is pollinated by bees, but did you know in China, they have already started pollinating flowers by hand due to the rapid decline of their pollinators. It’s not just China, Bees are disappearing worldwide as beekeepers have started reporting mass losses from their apiary’s,  losing hundreds or even thousands of hives in a single year. The hardest working insect on the planet is under threat from disease and modern-day Agriculture practices, but most people are totally unaware. Find out more by booking a Busy Bees incursion today.

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Our observation hives are a sealed unit with ventilation for the bees specially made to prevent escape, the entrance is sealed closed and there is no way any bees can escape. In the case of a student that has a known history of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to bee stings, they can still join in with the written permission of their parents, but must be placed in the room near an exit so they can slip out, in the very unlikely case of an escapee.

Busy Bees Pricing

Strictly maximum 30 students per show

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1 Show


2 Shows


3 Shows


4 Shows


5 Shows


6 Shows


Wild divider in action Melbourne


Travel included (within 150km from Mt Egerton, VIC). All prices shown are for consecutive shows performed on the same day. Prices as of 1 Jan 1018. Additional student will incur an added fee, to find out more read out terms and conditions.