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Early Learning Reptile Incursions – Reptile Shows Melbourne

Early Learning Incursions are a great starting point to introduce native animals in the classroom.

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Discover The Amazing World of Reptiles – Radical Reptiles Incursion

Our early learning incursions are a great starting point to introduce Australian reptiles to your children. Book our Radical Reptiles incursion and fill your center with snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Frogs and a crocodile!

Our presentations are very interactive allowing the kids to touch the reptiles and some of the participants can even try a hand at holding some of our reptile friends. Our show is made age appropriate and we cover basic topics such as sight, movement, smell, touch and shapes along with diet. Our reptile show consists of 8 hand tame and super cuddly animals and the duration of our presentation is 30 – 50 minutes.

Reptile Phobias: In today world some people grow up with a fear of all things reptilian.. and that’s ok! All the animals we use during a reptile show are all perfectly well-behaved show animals with a 100% safety record, we have never had an incident at any of our shows so you are in safe hands. If you have a fear of reptiles or a student has a fear, they do not have to participate in the touching of any reptiles, we do not force anyone to do anything they do not want to.. after all, we are trying to break down that apprehension towards reptiles.

Note: We only offer the Radical Reptiles show to early learning centers due to the high-stress environment for the more sensitive animals and the unpredictability of the kids. Animal welfare is our highest priority and we hope you understand our reasoning.

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Radical Reptiles

Turn up the heater and bask in reptile education as they slither, they crawl they run and they swim.

With our brand new Reptile show, you can discover some of Australia’s most fascinating animals and learn about their intriguing features such as scales, shells, claws, and flippers. We cover topics such as habitat and distribution, diet, prey and predators, animal shapes, reproduction, and behavior.

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Quality provider of early learning animal incursions in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Book our Radical Reptiles Incursion and learn about snakes, lizards, turtles and the worlds largest reptile.. the saltwater crocodile!