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Kindergarten Incursions – Wildlife & Reptile Incursions Melbourne

Kindergarten Animal Incursions - Australian Animal Incursions delivered to your classroom!
We have 4 programs to choose from which are all extremely interactive and suit many learning styles.

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Kindergarten Reptile Incursions – Wildlife Incursions Melbourne

Kids Disconnected With Nature.

When we were growing up, tv was not a big deal, there was only 1 in the house, a 30 cm black and white unit.. it was always off and us kids were always outdoors! There was a creek down the road from us in Melbourne, we would always ride out bikes down to check out the bird life and tadpoles in the pools through the creek’s edge, we would get home from school and play with the kids in our street, we were never really consumed by technology like the new generation of kids. With the advances in technology, our kids are getting smarter, education is becoming more accessible, it’s not as evil as we think, but there is a true disconnection between kids and nature. Our Job as educators is to reverse this and get kids of all ages excited to explore the diverse range of flora and fauna found right here in Victoria.

Our Shows

Here at The Rookeepers, we live and breath all things wild! Our private zoo is located in Mt Egerton and we house 100 animals, some of which are threatened or even endangered. Our Shows lead the industry and are presented with passion by highly trained keepers who all have one thing in common… The love for Aussie animals and education!

Our Kindergarten wildlife incursions are dressed to impress with 4 amazing animal encounters on offer! Learn about our diverse range of Aussie animals in our Wildlife Works show, inquire about all things scales, in our Radical Reptiles Show, Dive into Port Phillip Bay in our Marine Mania Show and see what all the buzz is about in our Busy Bees show.

To find out more about our shows, click on a show on the right-hand side of this page.

Wildlife Works

Venture in and discover some of Australia’s cutest and scariest wildlife, in an all in one jam-packed animal show featuring birds, mammals and reptiles.

Radical Reptiles

Turn up the heater and bask in reptile education as they slither, they crawl they run and they swim. This show features animals such as snakes, lizards, crocodiles, frogs and turtles.

Marine Mania

Looking for a marine life incursion? Then look no further! Our Marine Mania incursion takes a look at the biodiversity of Melbourne’s own Port Phillip Bay.

Busy Bees

An in-depth show about all things bees! Learn about the importance of bees, why we need them and take a look inside a real working observation hive.

Topics We Cover.

A Great introduction to the wonderful world of animals!

  • Basic Needs
  • Animal Shapes
  • Diets
  • Predators
  • Habitats
  • Behaviour 

Our incursions are made age appropriate to suit three and four-year-old kindergarten groups, we can touch on the basics of each animal or we can work in a topic you have been learning about in class, whether it is about a bird nest you have found or the animals that live around your kindergarten.

Animals As A Learning Tool.

Exposure to real, live Animals has become essential as today’s kids spend more and more time in front of a screen than outdoors. We find that real animals forge connections with students inspiring them to learn more about nature, it breaks them out of their comfort zones and teaches them how to behave around animals, it instils confidence, all valuable lessons you would struggle to learn from a book.

Learning Styles

Our incursions cater to a variety of learning styles, Auditory learners will be in their element, soaking in all our animal facts , kinesthetic learners will benefit from the level of interactive movement , visual learners will connect with the real thing to absorb more information and tactile learners will benefit from the hands-on style of learning through our high levels of interaction.

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Quality provider Animal and wildlife incursions and shows in Melbourne. Book your kindergarten in with Melbourne's best in wildlife education and learn about all things wild in one of our 4 programs on offer. Our Shows can be suited to a topic if you are learning about anything in particular.