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Marine Mania – Marine Life Incursion Melbourne

Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay is a true hidden treasure, below the surface the bay is home to a diverse range of salt lovers, from temperate coral reefs to sea grass meadows to the animals that live among them. Take a dive this term and discover a hidden world thats not a world away... its right in Melbourne's backyard.

Our Marine Mania Show!

Dive into Port Phillip Bay this term and discover the amazing world of marine life on our back doorstep! Our Marine Mania program is designed to engage students with visual and sensory learning through curriculum crafted incursions that feature a diverse range of marine animals!


What do we bring?

  • 11 Arm Sea Stars
  • 8 Arm Sea Cushions
  • Northern Pacific Sea Stars
  • Port Jackson Sharks and eggs
  • Sea Urchins
  • Sea Snails
  • Puffer Fish
  • Sea horses

*Marine life subject to availability, please speak to our friendly staff to discuss further.


Set Up

We will need a minimum space of around 4×4 meters for a group of 30 students with preference to a hard floor as the show can be a little messy, if you want to set up on carpet please let us know during the booking process so we can bring a protective cover for your floor.

Radical Reptiles

Turn up the heater and bask in reptile education as they slither, they crawl they run and they swim. This show features animals such as snakes, lizards, crocodiles, frogs and turtles.

Wildlife Works

Venture in and discover some of Australia’s cutest and scariest wildlife, in an all in one jam packed animal show featuring birds, mammals and reptiles.

Wild Displays

Perfect for large events, our native animal displays are interactive and provides your guests with opportunity to handle our tame native animals.

Busy Bees

An in depth show about all things bees! Learn about the importance of bees, why we need them and take a look inside a real working observation hive.

Marine Mania Pricing

Strictly maximum 30 students per show

Wild divider in action Melbourne

1 Show


2 Shows


3 Shows


4 Shows


5 Shows


6 Shows


Wild divider in action Melbourne


Travel included (within 150km from Mt Egerton, VIC). All prices shown are for consecutive shows performed on the same day. Prices as of 1 Jan 1018. Additional student will incur an added fee, to find out more read out terms and conditions.