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Captivating reptile incursions

Looking to bring some Australian animals into your center? The Rookeepers are quality providers of reptile incursions for childcare and early learning centers in Melbourne and regional Victoria. We make learning fun, with hands-on learning that will engage your students in our incursions, and get them working outside their comfort zone in a safe environment.

Our early learning animal incursions are crafted to perfection and our handpicked team members are passionate and qualified teachers, biologists, zoologists and zookeepers to bring you the most value to your incursion. Learn about the shapes of animals, what they eat, where they live in our reptile incursion that is the perfect introduction to childcare aged students.

ELC Reptile Package

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Additional information

Our early learning incursions are fun for children and adults! We encourage educators along with children to participate in our programs and you can take as many photos as you like during the session. Here are some topics we cover.

  • Interactive learning
  • Body shapes
  • Diets
  • How to behave around animals
  • Snake Safety

A really great program

Excellent interactive learning program for Kindergarten Children. Michael does an amazing job of making it fun and educational to my young group of children.
Devna, Kindergarten Teacher

Fantastic with the kids!

The combination of your beautiful animals with such a wonderful presenter that Abby was just made it brilliant. She really engaged them with target information on adaptations.
David, St Thomas More School

Extremely good value for money!

I couldn't recommend them more - reliable, friendly, great with children, they provide an excellent array of critters and the show is engaging and fun.
Anthea Kate
Wildlife Incursions for schools and kindergartens in Melbourne