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Book a Radical Reptile early learning incursion and introduce your kids to a world of scales, shells and flippers and super sharp teeth, in a safe learning environment that encourages the children to step out of their comfort zone and interact with the animals.

In this basic introduction to reptiles, the children will learn the animals names, what they like to eat, if they are fast or slow and were they live, we also cover the basics of snake safety so they know what to do if they ever come across one! We believe that introducing students to reptiles at a young age gives them a greater appreciation and respect to animals.

They will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and the teachers will also be fully involved in the show if they feel brave! Think of it as personal development and education mushed into a show thats fun and engaging.. not a bad day at work! All students will get a photo with our reptile friends throughout and after the incursion.

Radical Reptile Best Bits

  • Duration: 1 hour – Crocodiles can hold their breath for that long!
  • Age Interest: 1.5 to 3 year olds
  • Space requirements: 5 x 5 metres, bigger the better!
  • Maximum Number: 30 students per show
Show Prices

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Package Price

$580 plus GST
$850 plus GST
$1100 plus GST
$1400 plus GST
$1600 plus GST

**Prices correct as of 1st Jan 2022. Maximum 30 students per show, each additional student over 30 will be charged at $50 + GST. Prices for multiple shows only apply to shows performed on the same day. Animals are subject to availability. See full terms and conditions for our early learning reptile incursions here Privacy Policy

Lizard coming in from side for reptile incursion Reptile Incursions Melbourne

key learning highlights

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Get up close & personal

Our Incursions are hands on, getting you closer to our Aussie beauties.

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Simple presentation

Our incursions are age appropriate and the best thing is, we don't rush, we care!

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Plant a tree

Plant a tree on us when you book a wildlife incursion . Help us re-wild Australia!

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Learn About Shapes

A great show to learn about the different shapes and sizes of animals.

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Encouraging to explore

This session is designed to encourage and praise children to explore the natural world.

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Photo time with the animals

Each child will get a photo with one of our Aussie creatures.

Extremely good value for money!

I couldn't recommend them more - reliable, friendly, great with children, they provide an excellent array of critters and the show is engaging and fun.
Anthea Kate

A terrific way to invest an hour

Thank you for delivering an informative and fun session at the Point Cook Community Centre today. The session was highly educational, interactive and the python photo with my daughter will deliver a story she can share with her classmates.
Point Cook Community Centre

A really great program

Excellent interactive learning program for Kindergarten children. Michael does an amazing job in making it fun and educational to my young group of children.
Kindergarten Centre

Amazing with the children

We had the rookeepers at a centre. They were amazing with the children, communicated so well and engaged everyone - educators and children. For someone like me who was extremely scared, it was one of my most memorable days at work.
Devna, Kindergarten Centre
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