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School Animal incursions

Looking for a school animal incursion or wildlife incursion? Well, look no further! Here at The Rookeepers, we are passionate about conservation and education, and we are on a mission, not to Mars, but to a more sustainable future! We believe that ecological learning needs to be supercharged in order to save the best mother of them all… Mother Earth.

Want to help?

Help us on our mission to introduce students to Australian animals, ignite passions and start conversations that will impact the future of Australia. We believe that learning through life will always beat learning through a textbook so bring your classroom to life this term and book your wildlife school incursion today!

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Inspire your students like no other as they learn about the animals that call Australia home in the comfort of their classroom. With 5 programs suited to primary school incursions, the only problem you will have is choosing a show!

  • Aligned with AusVELS National Curriculum
  • Passionate about conservation and educating the future
  • Teachers pack sent out upon booking with level appropriate worksheets – Bonus tree to plant with select incursions – 30 minutes of ocean cleaning for every marine show booked.
  • Free sustainable classroom guide for every show booked
  • Living things & basic needs
  • External features and habitats
  • Life cycles and reproduction
  • Characteristics of living things
  • Ecosystem
  • Survival and habitat loss
  • Adaptations
  • Migration and hibernation
  • 1 hour presentation
  • 7-8 animals per show
  • 30 students per show
Cleaner oceans

Planting Trees, Cleaning Oceans

We have made the leap to design programs that create conscientious students and build bridges to nature. That’s why we have taken the pledge to plant a tree or clean the ocean for every program we do! Help us on our mission to Re-Wild Australia when you book an incursion with us.

Chat With A Zookeeper

A really great program

Excellent interactive learning program for Kindergarten Children. Michael does an amazing job in making it fun and educational to my young group of children.
Devna, Kindergarten Centre

Extremely good value for money!

I couldn't recommend them more - reliable, friendly, great with children, they provide an excellent array of critters and the show is engaging and fun.
Anthea Kate

A terrific way to invest an hour

Thank you for delivering an informative and fun session at the Point Cook Community Centre today. The session was highly educational, interactive and the python photo with my daughter will deliver a story she can share with her classmates.
Point Cook Community Centre
student holding snake in school incursion Melbourne