Primary School Marine Life Incursion

Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay is a true hidden treasure, below the surface, the bay is home to a diverse range of salt lovers, from temperate coral reefs to seagrass meadows to the animals that live among them. Take a dive this term and discover a hidden world that’s not a world away… it’s right in Melbourne’s backyard.

Our Marine Mania incursion is designed to engage students with visual and sensory learning through curriculum crafted incursions that feature a diverse range of marine animals.

In this marine incursion, you will meet animals such as carrot, our freckled pufferfish who fills himself up with water when threatened, Speedy, the 11 arm seastar, and Michael, the Port Jackson shark! He’s a friendly shark, just picture bruce from Finding Nemo!

29 years until extinction…

Now, more than ever, we need to educate the public on the threats marine animals and the reef are facing! Did you know that the largest reef in the world, the great barrier reef, is in the middle of an epidemic? This epidemic is coral bleaching caused by rising sea temperatures, a 2 degrees rise in temperature will kill off the entire reef, and it will happen in our lifetime without drastic action. We are so passionate about marine conservation, help us, help the reef, by booking a marine mania incursion.

PSST! Invite the creatures in! Click on the enquire tab on the right side of the page and try not to smile…

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  • Duration: 1 hour – 2 x the amount of time we clean the ocean for each show¬†booked
  • Age Interest: All levels
  • Space requirements: 5 x 5 metres
  • Maximum Number: 30 students per show
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**Prices correct as of 1st Jan 2020. Maximum 30 students per show, additional students will be charged at $35 per head. Prices for multiple shows only apply to shows performed on the same day. Animals subject to availability. Primary School Marine Life Incursion Melbourne, For full terms and conditions, see Privacy Policy

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key learning highlights

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Get up close & personal

Our Incursions are hands-on, getting you closer to our Marine beauties!

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Melbourne Local

Get your students engaged with Melbourne's very own Port Phillip Bay.

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In-depth presentation

Our incursions have the perfect number of animals to ensure you get an in-depth show, no rushing!

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Learn how to get involved in protecting our big blue oceans.

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Valuable Question Time

Each show will finish with question time for the students because we love to listen!

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How to help?

Learn how to do your bit to help protect our oceans, they need our help

Cleaner oceans

caring for our oceans

For each incursion booked we have made the pledge to do something about the litter found in and around our local Port Phillip. For each Marine Mania incursion booked, we will personally roll up our sleeves, and pick up rubbish found around Port Phillip for 30 minutes. We care about our local environment so we are putting our snorkel were our mouth is!

Book in Our Marine Mania

Professional & inspirational

The students LOVED it, as did the teachers. It was amazing- you are just a seamless professional and inspirational environmentalist to us all.
Andrew Groves, Geelong Grammar

A really great program

Excellent interactive learning program for Kindergarten Children. Michael does an amazing job of making it fun and educational to my young group of children.
Devna, Kindergarten Centre

Extremely good value for money!

I couldn't recommend them more - reliable, friendly, great with children, they provide an excellent array of critters and the show is engaging and fun.
Anthea Kate
student holding snake in school incursion Melbourne