School Reptile Incursion

What would happen if you actually smiled at a crocodile?
Book our reptile incursion and learn about the 4 major groups of reptiles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and turtles! In this 1 hour show, we will get the students feeling and holding our Aussie reptile friends as they learn about topics such as life cycles, food chains, adaptations, basic needs and much more. Our programs can be presented as an introduction to reptiles, or we can align our program with your learning outcomes.

Some of Australia’s most unique reptiles call our zoo home and make appearances in our reptile incursions, including Parker, the frilled neck lizard that was found abandon in a Melbourne park, Ollie the olive python, the 2nd largest snake in the country and marshmallow, the eastern long neck turtle, who was regrettably named by a group of preschool students.

Book a show today and meet our family, click the enquire tab on the right side of the page, just watch out for the koala… 

Radical Reptiles Best Bits

  • Duration: 1 hour (set up time not included in this)
  • Age Interest: Prep – Grade 6
  • Space requirements: 5 x 5 meters, the bigger the better!
  • Maximum Number: 30 students per show
Show Prices

Select Number of Shows


Package Price

$580 plus GST
$850 plus GST
$1100 plus GST
$1400 plus GST
$1600 plus GST

**Prices correct as of 1st Jan 2022. Maximum 30 students per show, each additional student over 30 will be charged at $50 + GST Prices for multiple shows only apply to shows performed on the same day. Animals are subject to availability.

Lizard coming in from side for reptile incursion Reptile Incursions Melbourne

key learning highlights

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Reptiles up close

Up-close encounters with Aussie reptiles your students will love!

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Perfectly Balanced

Our reptile incursions have the perfect number of animals to ensure a captivating show.

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Learn About Life cycles

A great show to learn about life cycles with frogs, egg-laying and live birth reptiles.

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Survival & Adaptations

The perfect incursion for this subject, suited to grade 5 and 6.

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Living things and basic needs

Learn about living things and basic needs – suited to prep students.

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Valuable Question Time

Got a question about reptiles? We will answer them at the end of each session.

beekeeping incursions for primary schools Melbourne

Incursions that give back

In 2019 we have set out on our mission to Mars! By 2027 we hope to plant 10,000 trees in schools all over Victoria and we will achieve this goal by gifting a free small tree or grass for each session booked. When you book your reptile incursion you will not only connect the students with animals, you will connect reptiles with shade and shelter. Remember, reptiles are ectothermic and can overheat just like us so instead of giving lizards and snakes cocktail umbrellas to cool off, we are creating habitat to help them survive the harsh Australian climate.

Help us on our mission to plant 10,000 trees by 2027.

Book In Our Radical Reptiles

Professional & inspirational

The students LOVED it, as did the teachers. It was amazing- you are just a seamless professional and inspirational environmentalist to us all.
Andrew Groves, Geelong Grammar

Fantastic with the kids!

The combination of your beautiful animals with such a wonderful presenter that Abby was just made it brilliant. She really engaged them with target information on adaptations.
David, St Thomasmore School
student holding snake in school incursion Melbourne