All about the world of bees

Welcome to the world of bees – the most fascinating insect to hit the planet. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and without them the world would be a much different place! We will bring in a real live working observation beehive packed full of bees, beekeeping tools and local raw honey for the students to taste.

  • Year 7 – The lesson for this level is focused around the effects on bees from deforestation and agriculture. Learn why habitat is so important for the survival of the worlds best pollinators and how modern day farming with the use of herbicides has been linked to the decline of bee species worldwide.
  • Year 9 – Ecosystems work together for the survival of all its organisms, learn about the relationship between bees and pollination. Without bees, plant populations would decline, leaving less hideouts and food sources for animals.

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  • Duration: 1 hour – bees flap their wings 13,800 times in this time
  • Age Interest: Years 7 & 9
  • Space requirements: 5 x 5 metres
  • Maximum Number: 30 students per show
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**Prices correct as of 1st Jan 2022. Maximum 30 students per show, each additional student over 30 will be charged at $50 + GST. Prices for multiple shows only apply to shows performed on the same day. Animals subject to availability.

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Key Learning Highlights

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Observation Hive

A special made hive with windows to see the inner workings of a live beehive

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Human Activity

Year 7 – Learn about the effects on bees from deforestation and agriculture

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Year 9 – Learn about the way organisms work together

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Honey Tasting

Raw honey straight from out apiary.. Yes please!

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Learn Sustainability

Learn about living sustainability and encouraging native insects to your gardens.

Huge success with the children

We had been learning about how like humans, some mini beasts live in complex communities. The incursion was a huge success with the children being fully engaged. They all learned a lot and were fascinated to hear all about the different roles drones, workers and queen bees play in their colonies. All 7 teachers who attended the incursion had very positive things to say about the experience. Michael was able to speak at the students level and is an excellent communicator. I would recommend this program very highly.
Susan Keil, Mornington Primary School

Professional, knowledgeable & passionate

Michael was professional, knowledgeable and passionate about educating students on looking after our environment. His content was age appropriate and he had a variety of bee specific props for us to view (especially the beehive)!
Nicole Spence, Mentone Girls Grammar School
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