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This all in one, secondary school animal incursion will have your students eager to learn about the natural world and the animals that are found within Australia. This incursion includes snakes, lizards, kangaroos and wallabies, dingoes and much more!

This program can be tailored to align with your curriculum. Scroll down to learning highlights to see the subjects we cover.


wildlife works Best Bits

  • Duration: 1 hour of power
  • Age Interest: Level 7 – VCE
  • Space requirements: 5 x 5 metres
  • Maximum Number: 30 students per show
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$580 plus GST
$850 plus GST
$1100 plus GST
$1400 plus GST
$1600 plus GST

**Prices correct as of 1st August 2019. Maximum 30 students per show, additional students will be charged at $15 per head. Prices for multiple shows only apply to shows performed on the same day. Animals subject to availability.

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key learning highlights

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Year 7 – Learn the differences within and between groups of organisms

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Year 9 – learn about Predator VS prey, energy flows and changing ecosystems

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Genetics & Evolution

Year 10 – Learn about heritable characteristics and natural selection

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VCE Unit 4 – Learn about the process of evolution

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Survival & Adaptations

VCE Unit 1 – Learn about Adaptations and survival

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VCE Unit 3 – Learn about threats to biodiversity and sustaining ecosystems

Professional & inspirational

The students LOVED it, as did the teachers. It was amazing- you are just a seamless professional and inspirational environmentalist to us all.
Andrew Groves, Geelong Grammar

Fantastic with the kids

The combination of your beautiful animals with such a wonderful presenter that Abby was just made it brilliant. She really engaged them with target information on adaptations.
David, St Thomasmore School
Wildlife Party Hire Melbourne, Animal party girl