Corporate Team Building Melbourne

Wild Corporate Animal Encounters

Are you looking to impress a client? International guests? Create bonds and build relations within your team? Well look no further, as we have you covered for all things wild!

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Team Building Melbourne

The most important investment you will make, from only $20 pp. Team building can be an enjoyable experience for all, but quite often team building is associated with that boring leadership lesson or a corny match of tug-o-war, which is just not effective, but why does team building have to be about business or tug-o-war? well the answer is, it doesn't!

Animals For Brand Activation’s

Bring your event to life and increase brand recall with a memorable animal activation, self managed or managed by us. Brand activation’s are a a way to drive consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. Animal activation’s can suit many company’s and can be worked in with most themes in creative ways, aligning activation’s with current marketing objectives or themes, or starting from scratch to create a campaign that will bring results. We can bring any event or stall to life with a vast range of Australian native animals including but not limited to, dingoes, wallaby’s, possums, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, owls and many more. We can do everything from:

  • Providing Animals
  • Activation planning implementing your marketing objectives or starting from scratch.
  • Activation design and instillation.
  • Full management of brand activation’s
  • Staffing
  • Promotion of social media and hashtags
  • Graphic Design
  • Promotional materials

Team Building Melbourne

Team building can increase productivity and communication in the workplace making people come together and our wildlife encounters can be a good way to get them there because it unique, its great at making people stepping out of peoples comfort zones and its building relations within your organisation. Who wouldn’t want a wallaby on their desk, or a dingo in the board room.. or a snake wrapped around their CEO’S neck.

The point is, a wildlife encounter may have nothing to do with leadership but its not a splurge, its an investment, i read an article on a company that took their workers on a trip to do a few v8 supercar hotlaps, it cost the company $350 per person, i large chunk of cash for a team building exercise.. but it was such a thrilling experience, the team felt appreciated and worthwhile, they got to screech around the track at ridiculous speeds, get the heart racing, and it was a memorable experience they could talk about with the other workers and loved ones.

So do you want to show your staff they are appreciated? reward them for their hard work? aid them build relationships with their team members? make the office a fun place to be? Then look no further, for the cost of $20 per head you could be not only team building but business building, so to book head over to our booking page or call 1300 GET WILD today.

Pricing for team building

and corporate encounters.


Booking minimum of 20 people or $440.00 applies. Price is for corporate team building and encounters, to get a quote for brand activations please call us to discuss your vision. ​

Reptile Show And Reptiles For Kids Parties
Brand Activation Booking


Brand activation’s are all custom designed and unique, working with marketing objectives to build strong relationships between consumers and brands. We work within your budget to achieve the best ROI, we come to you, discuss your objectives, then take all the information back to the drawing board and come up with a activation plan and costing just depending on what you are after. The possibility’s are endless, we can provide simple interactive displays to pop up dingo exhibits, walk through pop up reptile houses, pop up nocturnal houses, animal encounters and photograph opportunity’s with media backdrops and much more. Call us on 1300 438 945 to discuss your ideas with us today.

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