Wild Days Video Series

A video about Michael and his passion for Australian animals and education. Watch our new series '' Wild Days'' A day in the life Vlog about running a wildlife education business and private zoo. Michael lives with pets he has always dreamed of owning and travels around with his mobile wildlife education company to spread the message of conservation.

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Wild Days Episode 01 

In our very first episode of Wild Days, Michael heads to the gym at 4:00 am to squeeze in a workout before a job in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, were he visits a kindergarten. Michael presents an animal show for the kids were they learnt all about some of Australia’s most unique animals including koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles and much more! These city kids were in for a surprise! After his wildlife show in Melbourne CBD he then heads home to hand out Christmas presents to the zoo crew and cut gum for his pet koala.


Wild Days Episode 02


In episode 2 of our Wild Days business Vlog take a dive into Port Phillip Bay with Michael Church as we explore the bays biodiversity. Discover Melbourne’s best kept secret or Australia’s oceans. We head to Williamstown aquarium to buy Zookeeper Zali an new pet fish and attend to an injured animal at the zoo. Discover Melbourne’s underwater marine life documentary mini series. Michael finds a baby shark/egg and his kids go for a run on the beach.


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