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Wildlife Display – Animal Displays Melbourne

Meet some of Australia's cutest animals with our wildlife displays.

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Wildlife Displays Include:

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*Animals subject to availibility

Stage Shows

Our stage shows are suited to events from 50 people upwards, we have done stage shows for city councils, corporate events and even the Royal Melbourne Show. Whether it’s a brand activation, corporate or a public event, we can tailor the show to suit your needs.  To find out more about our stage shows call our office on
1300 438 945.

Corporate Functions

Have you got a corporate function or event coming up? Why not make it a wild one with our interactive wildlife displays! We bring any event to life with some of Australia’s best wildlife, including snakes, crocodiles, possums, owls and many more. Our 8 animal display enclosures are top of the line Exo Terra glass terrariums which exhibit each animals natural environment.

What’s included in a display

  • 2 X friendly staff members.
  • 8 hand tame native animals such as owls, snakes, lizards and a dingo.
  • Interactive display letting visitors hold and cuddle some of our native Australian animals.
  • Free stage shows for bookings over 3 hours.

Display Pricing

Wild divider in action Melbourne

3 Hours

$2000 inc G.S.T

4 Hours

$2500 inc G.S.T

5 Hours

$3000 inc G.S.T

6 Hours

$3500 inc G.S.T

7 Hours

$4000 inc G.S.T

Other Options

Koala Encounters

1 Hour

$2000 inc G.S.T

Koala Encounters Melbourne – Ever wanted to meet a Koala? Well, now you can! The Rookeepers provide koala encounters for people of all ages, educating the public on this vanishing species. Due to  the welfare of our Koalas, we can only use them for 30 minutes of contact per session,in any 24 hour period, the other 30 minutes of this encounter will be viewing only, perched in a tree with our koala display.

Suitable for: Crowds of 100 – 2000

Roving Animals

1 Hour

$750.00 inc G.S.T

Looking for a shorter animal encounter for your event? Roving animal encounters are perfect for all types of events! We bring 6-8 animals and rotate them around, roving around and mingling with your guests, rub shoulders with snakes, lizards, dingoes and much more as we walk around your event educating visitors on our unique Aussie animals. Call or send us an email for more information

Suitable for: Crowds of 100 – 2000.

Stage Shows

30 Min

$1000 inc G.S.T

Beef your event up with a scheduled stage show by The Rookeepers! Sit back and enjoy an amazing stage show presented with passion from leaders in wildlife education. We can supply P.A systems and wireless headsets which will reach a crowd of 100, but if you have a Audio technician there on the day, we are happy to use the stage PA system.

Suitable for: 200 – 10000

Wild divider in action Melbourne

Prices include G.S.T, Add 50% for Public holidays, please call 1300 438 945 to discuss.

Call 1300 438 945

Make any event a success with a live native animal display from the leaders in wildlife education. Our displays are eye-catching and our qualified staff are friendly and energetic! Our events packages can be tailored to suit your needs and we can even do free stage shows throughout the day.